This handmade addition to the teatimebeautybazaar catalogue comes with sentiment... because she’s the first handmade I ever made. This dress was touched by my Grandmother, but I believe she deserves a new home. Wowza! This was a blast from the past! Can you guess what this sweetheart a-line was made for? A Poison Ivy cosplay! I went for a (what I considered, at the time) princess-y take on botanist of Gotham City. Fun fact: did you know her canon name is Dr. Pamela?


For reference, I am 152cm with a 36” bust, and a 26.7” waist! She is fitted, with no stretch, and she was originally sewn to zip on a 32” bust! I can’t personally zip her past my bust now, but she does fit just SLIGHTLY loose on my waist (which was a 27” and some change when she was originally made almost 9 years ago! wow!) My hope is to send her to a home that will wear her often.

The Pamela